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Solar Panels

Looking to purchase & install solar panels on your business?

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Commercial Solar Panels

Solterra provides solar panels to commercial clients who are looking to future-proof their business while reducing their energy bills.


Our high-calibre glass/glass and glass foil solar panels are able to withstand harsh weather conditions thanks to their durability and come with a 30-year product warranty.


With commercial solar panels, you'll be able to save around 20% on your energy costs by using them to power the lights and air conditioning systems in your office.


And the best part? Commercial solar panels can help you meet all of your sustainability goals by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels used in your business operations as well as reducing storm damage caused by storms or other natural disasters.

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Benefits of our Commercial Solar Panels

  • 30-year product warranty

  • 87% power guarantee after 30 years

  • Dust and sand resistant

  • Extreme load resistance

  • Fire Class A

  • Self-cleaning effect

Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking to purchase commercial solar panels near me. Can you help?

Solterra has a selection of commercial solar panels for clients to choose from including glass/glass and glass foil solar panels. Get in touch with us to learn more about any of our products.

How much does it cost to install solar panels for commercial buildings?

Pricing will depend on how many solar panels can be fitted to your commercial building as well as other factors. Call our offices today and we can offer a full installation quote.

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