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Supplying Premium European Solar energy

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Solterra distributes high-quality solar panel systems thought Ireland. All our solar panels

can be integrated into buildings, (BIPV), on rooftops, or installed separately on the ground.

  • 30-year product warranty

  • 30-year efficiency guarantee

  • 87% power guarantee after 30 years

  • Fire Class A

  • Salt, mist, dust, and ammonia resistant

  • Glass/Glass Panels 5.000 hours testing


Cradle to Cradle

silver certified

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Solar Panels Technicians

Home Solar Panels

Protect yourself against rising energy costs while increasing the value of your property by introducing home solar panels with the help of Solterra.

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Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial solar panels can help you meet all of your sustainability goals by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels used in your business operations


Wholesale Solar Panels

We work closely with contractors in order to offer them offer high-quality, durable solar panels for any type of installation project. Find solar panels that best match your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you available to install solar panels?

Solterra does not provide an installation service for solar panels currently. We stock and sell solar panels to clients who are looking to install solar panel systems on their home or business premises.

How much do solar panels cost?

Pricing will depend on the make and model of solar panels you choose and the quantity you require for your project. Get in touch with us to share further details about your requirements.

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